Just because …

I haven’t written in awhile, so I thought I should post something. Yes, dear reader, drivel. Just for you.

I was planning on writing about Nuit Blanche (the weekend before Thanksgiving), but somehow I never got around to it. In short, it was pretty damn cool.

My favourite was Church Intent (a replica of a traditional church) made out of camping equipment. Extremely well executed!

The one that made me go “Good Lord!” (oddly enough, not the Church exhibit) was in Trinity Bellwoods Park. They’d concocted a Round Table which was essentially a picnic table surrounding a campfire. Artists are NOT carpenters. It was built out of extremely flimsy wood and one of the artists was either dismantling it or creating it (not quite sure which) while the fire burned. There was a big crack and one of the girls at the outside ring fell off (not sure if she was standing or sitting). Add to that the drunken masses. One threw a whole cardboard box on the fire. And add to that the fact that they had built the giant campfire directly under the trees. At least the leaves were still green. City people make me shudder sometimes. (I think fire was a theme this year: there was another campfire in Yonge-Dundas Square and a third wrapped around a giant metal pine cone at one of the historic houses.)

One of the most fun “exhibits” was also at Trinity Bellwoods. I don’t know what it was called, but they had people there asking the audience to nominate themselves for awards and it was just an all-round happy event. If I could stand standing still for more than ten minutes I probably would have spent the rest of the evening there.

I also liked the version of Swan Lake Ryerson put on. Simple, but sweet. The blue light was just the right colour & the music was soothing. Pretty.

I also managed to take in an exhibit at the ROM (African art), saw the hall at the Conservatory (player piano), visited the TIFF Bell Lightbox (nice theatre!), and wandered through the Bata Shoe museum.

I was very proud to stay awake until morning, and only stop for coffee once (Timmies, with a cinnamon bun for breakfast).

Huh. Guess I wrote about Nuit Blanche after all 🙂


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