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Happy November!

I haven’t posted recently, but since I’m the only one reading, I think I’m not doing too badly.

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo – writing 50, 000 words (or a short novel) during the month of November. It’s amazing how once you get involved in something you see it everywhere. Definitely seeing it all over twitter 😉

As of this moment in time I’m 6083 words in. Translated I’m three or four days behind schedule. I’m trying to do a mythological interpretation that I think will be pretty kick-ass but may accidently offend massive amounts of people. Good thing NaNoWriMo is all about having fun with words and few people expect to get published because of it! My goal is to have something to present to my writer’s group in December.

Today a big group got together and did a few laps on the subway. It was fun, but I need the internet for background info and that’s not really one of the features of a subway write. Some of us went for dinner at Fran’s after (off of the College Street station) and it rocked! A waffle with two eggs and two slices of bacon covered in apples and syrup. It was breakfast, brunch, dinner and dessert all in one sitting!

Confession: I’m finally addicted to Twitter. I’d staved it off, but it’s caught me. I just like following massive amounts of people. Totally voyeuristic.